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Day 2 :

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The impact of acute exposure of karate (Lambda cyhalothrin pyrethriod) insecticide evaluated during a 4 day exposure period at 20ppm, 40ppm, 60ppm, and 80ppm to “Heteroclarias” fingerlings showed the 96-hlC50 as 25.12ppm. The threshold value was 25.11ppm. the gills of the exposed fish analyzed showed a significant decrease in all the major cataions and ions(Na+, Cl-, Ca2+, k+, Mg2+) at (P<0.05). Although there was no total inhabitation of uptake of the cataions and anions studied, the results revealed that the uptake of these cataions and anions (Na+, Cl-, Ca2+, k+, Mg2+) increased rapidly during the 24hr period and dropped at 48hr and 72hr and gradually increased at the end of the 96th hr showing that it was time dependent during the exposure period the fish stood in upright position with their snouts above the water level gasping for air. Other behavioral characteristics of the exposed fish were peeling if skin, initial increase of opercula movement, curvature of the body, loss of balance, erratic swimming, quietness and finally death. These results therefore recommend that this insecticide (karate) should be applied appropriately at a recommended dose to avoid damage to both target and non target organisms




Professor Emmanuel Egwu Oti is a Lecturer in the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Nigeria. His area of specialization is Fish and Aquatic Toxicology. He has numerous publications in Fish and Aquatic Toxicology, Fisheries aquaculture pollution etc in both local and international journals. He is a member of many professional associations such as Aquatic Science Society of Nigeria , Fisheries society of Nigeria among others.

Professor Oti is a recipient of local and international awards such as NOC Research Award, ASUU award for excellence and integrity, Fellow Research and Human Development(FRHD). He is married with children.


Keynote Forum

Gurudatta. S. Pawar

SRM Trichy Medical College Hospital & Research Centre India

Keynote: A Unique Case of deliberate Suicide by ‘Manufactured’ Carbon Monoxide Inhalation

Time : 11:30-12:30

Conference Series EnviTox Summit 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Gurudatta. S. Pawar photo


Dr. Gurudatta S Pawar is the Professor and HOD of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology department at Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, India



Carbon monoxide is major component of fire atmosphere due to incomplete combustion of carbon. Accidental deaths due to carbon monoxide inhalation are common in many parts of the world due to its properties. Suicides by carbon monoxide inhalation are more common in developed countries and are extremely rare in India, possibly due to the know how of other methods for committing suicide.

                 In this interesting case an engineering student surfed the internet for different ways to commit suicide due to his recent love disappointment. He struck with the details of carbon monoxide. He “manufactured” the carbon monoxide by indigenous means, inhaled it to commit suicide in a meticulous and planned manner.

                This case report deals with the modus operandi of the unusual and unique method adopted by the deceased to commit suicide, which is unheard in Indian scenario. This case is a typical example of the misuse and abuse of the internet and it is also an indicator of changing trends of suicide in India probably due globalization and information explosion.